Five Reasons Why Luxury Property in Marbella will Boom in 2017

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Five Reasons Why Luxury Property in Marbella will Boom in 2017,

With recent data showing Spanish property prices for good location homes has bottomed out and in some areas beginning to rise so will 2017 be the year that the good times return to the property market.

1 Golden Visa, already its clear there is going to be a huge uptake of this opportunity and most importantly the majority of buyers in this segment would probably have chosen not to buy in Spain had this law not been passed. China will lead the way but it’s the Middle East states of Egypt, Syria, UAE and Saudi Arabia that will provide a huge boost. Most importantly this segment will only want to be in Marbella due to the lifestyle and the Marbella Mosque.

2 A vast choice of buyers from all around the world. Gone are the days where UK Citizens made up 60% of overseas property market in Spain. It’s now down to 15% and falling with Scandinavia at 13% and rising, Benelux 12%, France 10%, Russia 9% and Germany 7%. China is currently at 3% but one would expect that percentage to drastically increase in 2017. You will see buyers come in huge numbers from over fifty countries from over the world. This of course will take any excess stock from the Marbella market place.

3 Limited stock in the best areas of Marbella. Believe it or not there is actually a shortage of good luxury properties in Marbella and Puerto Banus so there will be a rush to take up those well priced units between 400,000 and 2,000,000 Euros.

4 Price rises, in reality prices for prime location property in Marbella have been rising since 2015. It’s clear that trend is going to continue as sales increase in large numbers through 2017.

5 Marbella Europe`s number one luxury destination. Marbella is the chosen European destination for the majority of rich and famous as it offers everything from 325 days a year sunshine, The best luxury lifestyle in Spain and most importantly through the Malaga international airport connections to all Europe’s major cities in 3 hours or less travel time.

Time will tell how good 2017 will be,the view is that most properties will be more expensive in 2017 than 2016.


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